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Genealogy of Kathy and Charles Brooks
  Our ancestors met before the Civil War. They came together in Montgomery sharing cotton plantations in the fields you now see when passing through Montgomery on I-65. Yet after the war this land was worthless, being destroyed as Wilsons Raiders burned a path through the state but these families struggled to revive as much as they could. I found an old cemetery with some tombstones dating back to 1793 on this property and then tried to trace their descendants across town. In 1900 I find them again in downtown Montgomery near the train station as many others had migrated into our lineage and they once again worked together. In fact my mother in law in 1950 had taken in the widow of my great grandfather when she had no place to go.  My husband's cousin Sue Carol on his mother's side married one of my mother's Bozeman Cousins and his father's great grandpa Thomas Carter was once married to another of our Bozeman Cousins in Hope Hull.   Our families were always close, we just did not realize how very close.  My father came from Kansas and married my mom in Montgomery in 1951, while he was stationed at Maxwell AFB after injuries from being shot in the Korean War - his lineage was partly in Pennsylvania and South Carolina before migrating into Kentucky and Ohio and then on into the midwest.  Together we have dozens of grandfathers in the American Revolution and the Civil War.
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